Do I need a wet suit?
A wet suit is not necessary. Anticipated water temperature is 74° -77°. We will post water temperature on the web site starting the week before the race. The lake is small and relatively shallow, however it is early in the summer, so watch the web site for temps.

Is this a USAT Sanctioned Event?
No, our triathlon is not a USAT Sanctioned Event.  Annual surveys requesting feedback on our race and specifically this topic have not conveyed to us that this is important to a majority of our racers.

Can I pick up the packet earlier?
Yes, you will be able to pick up your packets the day before the race at CPTE Nashua. See the Race Packet Pick-up section for more details.

Are there activities for kids?
Yes, there will be some fun things for the kids to do during the race. There is also a small playground at the camp.

Will there be food and water for the racers?
There will be fruit provided by Burton's Grill and water for the racers at the finish.

Will there be food for the spectators?
There will be food vendors selling food during the race.

What if I have trouble with my bike on the course?
Goodales Bike Shop will be traveling the bike route with repair equipment to assist bikers in need. They can also transport bikers back to Camp Sargent if necessary. We recommend that you have your bike checked before the race and we suggest you carry a spare tube. Goodales will be on-site starting at 7am to help with minor repairs, adjustments, and tire inflation.

Is there medical support at the race?
Yes, an ambulance, EMTs, physical therapists, and athletic trainers will be at the race to manage injuries and medical needs.

What kind of bike do I need?
A light road bike is the best bike for a triathlon, however many racers will use hybrid and even mountain bikes. Whatever bike is used, tires that are inflated to the proper maximum pressure will ensure the fastest (least energy) ride. Also, we suggest that you have your bike checked and tuned before the race to avoid any difficulties on the course.

Will the results break down my times?
Yes, the use of the chip timing system allows individual times for each leg and both transitions.

What about rain or bad weather?
New Englanders are hardy so the race will take place rain or shine. Visit our policies page for more information.

What time do I need to be at the event?
It is best to arrive at the race site 60 plus minutes prior to the start of the race. There is a lot to do before you begin racing, such as picking up your packet, finding your transition space, organizing your transition area, become familiar with the layout, and prepare for the swim. You will have a much better race if you are not rushed.

Is there water on the run?
Water will be available on the run course at mile 1 and mile 2.

Will pot holes and road hazards be marked along the bike and run routes?
Yes, pot holes and hazards will be marked. Volunteers and signs will alert bikers of any direction changes, especially with sharp turns.

Will course maps be available at the race site?
Course maps for all three legs are available at packet pick-up. Large signs with maps are posted in transition. Also, see the Race Details section to download course maps for each leg.

Will I be allowed to have footwear accessible as I leave the water for the run to the transition area?
Yes, we will have a designated area for footwear as you leave the water. The run to the transition area is about 200 yards on dirt and sand. Small wading pools with water will be available at the entrance to the transition area to help remove sand.

What if I have an injury while training prior to the race?
CPTE offers a free injury assessment, they can evaluate your injury right way and advise you of best way to manage and care for the injury. Call (603) 880-0448 to schedule a free assessment at any one of their four clinics. Several of their staff are training for this race, so you will be in good company. See for more information.

Are pets allowed on the run course?
Yes. Leashed pets are allowed. Preferably, not tigers and cheetahs. Dogs, ostriches and llamas are okay. :)