Swim Leg


The swim will take place in picturesque Lake Naticook which is a small freshwater lake, the specifics are below. For tips on the swim, read our article: I want to do a triathlon, but what about the swim.

Camp Sargent on Lake Naticook in Merrimack, NH

0.3 miles (580 yards)

A swim in a clean fresh water lake. The route is roughly triangular.

Map: Download PDF

There will be several lifeguards on the water during the swim. They will assist any swimmers. Swimming assist devices (tubes, noodles, floats) will be available to any swimmer that requests or needs them. Volunteers will also be available to help strip off wet suits.

Water temp:
June 3, 2019: 68°
May 16, 2019: 63°

Previous Year’s Temps:

May 31, 2018: 72°
June 5, 2018: 70°
June 2, 2017: 68°
June 4, 2017: 64°
June 10, 2017: 64°
June 6, 2016: 73°
June 12, 2015, 73°
June 4, 2014: 71°
June 22nd, 2013: 74°
May 30th 2012: 73°
June 9th, 2011: 77°
June 2nd 2010: 75°

Wet Suits:
Because the water temperature will be above 70°, wet suits are not needed, but are allowed. Visit Xterra and use coupon code R-NASHUA for a discount. Click here for rental information if you're not ready to purchase.

Route Markings:
Large colored buoys

The waves will be by age and gender and based on the distribution of registered athletes. They are 2 minutes or less apart. The list of waves will be available at the packet pick-up.
Here is an overview of waves you can select to compete in during registration:

  1. Elite - 1st wave of the race. If you choose to race in the Elite Wave you will only be eligible for Overall Placing. You will not be eligible for Age Group Awards.

  2. Premium KNOW & TELL Wave Upgrade - 2nd wave of the race. Similar to upgrading to exit row seating on an airplane - you can donate an additional $30 to get out on the course early. All proceeds go directly to the Child Advocacy Center's KNOW & TELL Initiative.

  3. Competitive - 3rd wave of the race. For those who are fast competitors but not wishing to compete in Elite. We created this wave to accommodate the racers who want to be at the beginning of the race and want to go fast! This wave is very popular that in past years we have created 2-3 waves to accommodate everyone.

  4. Age Group - Waves 4 - 15. Compete with others in your age group.

  5. Beginner - Wave(s) at the end of the race. Designed for athletes who are new to triathlon. You do not have to be a beginner to participate.

Swim Caps:
All athletes will be required to wear a swim cap. Latex swim caps will be provided in the race packet/goodie bag.

Special Swim Caps:
Red caps will be gladly issued to anyone who would to be watched more closely in the water.

Taking a Break / Noodles:
A participant may rest by holding an inanimate object such as a lifeguard boat, rope or floating object/noodle. If you need a break, lifeguards are available to provide assistance. Participants must stay still while using the noodles or resting on boats, and must move out of the way of active swimmers. Participants may not make forward progress while using a noodle or resting on a boat.

Recommended but not required. Not provided.

ATTENTION: During the swim swimmers may come into contact with plant life and lily pads. Due to the warm temperatures the lily pads and grass at the bottom of the lake have grown fast. Under water plants may be felt when swimming and some lily pads have reached the surface. Please note you can swim right over and through the plants. If you have any concerns please raise your arm and a lifeguard will be there to help.

Goodale’s Bike Leg

9.6 miles

The route is relatively flat and follows a roughly clockwise lollipop route.

Map My Ride

All athletes are required to wear a bicycle helmet during the bike event. In addition, all helmets must be securely buckled prior to leaving the transition area. Riders will not be allowed to exit the transition area unless their helmet is buckled.

LOCAL TRAFFIC WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE RACE ROADS DURING THE RACE. Please be safe and watch for traffic at all times.

Police Support:
Police will monitor the crossing of all major roads and at other locations. In addition, police on motorcycles will monitor the bike route and escort the lead cyclist.

Route Markings:
The course will be generously marked and all turns will have extra markings.

Support on Course:
There will be volunteers at major intersections directing you with bright orange flags where to go. A vehicle provided and staffed by Goodale’s Bike Shop will travel the course and assist any racer and follow the last racer. Police will be at major intersections directing traffic and keeping our athletes safe.

All racers will need a number on their bike. All numbers are included in the registration bag.

Only upright bikes are allowed in this race. Recumbent bikes or bikes with fairings will not be permitted to race. Bikes should be in good mechanical condition.

Drafting is NOT allowed.

There will be no water on the course; riders are strongly urged to carry a water bottle on their bike.

A repair tent is anticipated near the transition area to assist with any minor fixes or tire inflation.

Run Leg

The run leg will exit the Camp going west and will follow a loop and return to the race finish area. The run is relatively flat. The specifics are below:

3.1 miles

Flat run on local roads west of Camp Sargent.

Map: Download PDF

LOCAL TRAFFIC WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE RACE ROADS DURING THE RACE. Please be safe and watch for traffic at all times.

Route Markings:
The course will be generously marked.

All racers will need a number on shirt. Numbers are included in the race packet.

There will volunteers at the water stations and at all major turns on the course with bright orange flags directing you where to go.

There will be two water stations on the course. Mile 1 and Mile 2. All athletes receive a bottled water at the finish.